Since 1981, Firesafe has been the preferred contractor for State Farm, Erie, Nationwide, Travelers, Allstate, USAA, Loudoun Mutual, Virginia Farm Bureau, and the Rockingham Group for chimney damage claims. If your chimney has experienced a chimney fire, lightning strike, water damage, or other physical damage, our in-depth inspection identifies and documents the cause of the damage and the most appropriate repair(s) based on the type and extent of the damage. Not all chimney repair methods are safe or building code compliant; therefore, it is critical that the recommended repair system(s) properly address the damage.

Once our examination is complete, a meticulously prepared report and estimate is forwarded to you, and at your request, directly to your insurance adjuster, expediting the claims process, and getting your chimney safely ready for your use.

As with all our services, should you choose Firesafe for your repairs, your home is carefully protected and maintained during the repair. Our office staff communicates daily, addressing any questions or concerns. Building permits are required for most chimney repairs, and we obtain the permit and meet with the inspector at your house for the final inspection.

Upon completion, you are provided with all factory product warrantees, which are registered with the manufacturer.
"Thank you for you personalized and patient service. It was your kind manner that made me a customer as you answered my questions (expertly, I may add). I've met many contractors in my career, but none as friendly, customer service oriented, and proficient. The process, especially dealing with the insurance company, couldn't have been easier (for me)."       
John G., Fauquier, VA
Lightning strike damage to flue liner.Lightning strike damage to flue liner.Lightning strike damage to brick casing of chimney. Lightning strike damage to brick casing of chimney. Flue liners were also damaged.Fractured flue liners caused by chimney fire.Fractured flue liner caused by chimney fire.Open mortar joint detected through electronic scanner.Open mortar joint detected through electronic scanner.Structural fire caused by chimney fire in prefabricated chimney.Structural fire caused by defects within the chimney.Collapsed prefabricated chimney.Temporary cover over prefabricated chimney.Chimney damage caused by tree.Workmanship flaws in chimney construction caused structural fire.
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