"The work of your employees was exceptional. Your crew was very diligent in keeping our house and yard clean during the repair. I especially appreciated how they kept us informed during the chimney liner repair. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for more."  Pam B., Stafford, VA

Firesafe's highly skilled Virginia chimney sweep crews install chimney liners, rebuild chimneys, rebuild fireplaces, and design and install prefabricated chimneys. Our 29 years of experience in the chimney cleaning services industry is critical, especially when protecting your family, home, or business. Whether it is a simple residential chimney liner for a woodstove or fireplace, a highly technical, historic chimney restoration, or a commercial chimney restoration project, our company provides prompt, professional workmanship and the highest quality materials.

Firesafe utilizes the Guardian Chimney Liner® system and various stainless steel chimney liners for chimney lining and relining. Because of protected territories, Firesafe Chimney Systems is the only company in the area that offers the unique Guardian Chimney Liner® system (www.guardianinc.com). Firesafe also offers the patented FireGuard ceramic sealant (www.chimneylinerrepair.com) for flue liner repairs. When stainless steel liners are installed, most installations incorporate the C.I.S. (www.cis4safety.com) spacing system for maximum protection. By having the capability of multiple chimney repair systems, we are able to help you choose the most appropriate, cost effective method of repair.

Our Maryland chimney repair/restoration process begins with an inspection of your chimney. After the visual and, oftentimes, electronic examination, our inspector explains to you in detail the findings of their examination and all the available repair options. Subsequently, a detailed proposal is emailed, mailed, or faxed.

During the repair or restoration, our office staff communicates with you daily, ensuring that all your questions or concerns are addressed.
Chimney relining after chimney fire - Stafford, VA.
Repair of deteriorated mortar joints with the FireGuard ceramic sealant - Warrenton, VA.2" open mortar joint between flue liner before FireGuard repair.2" open mortar joint solidly filled with Fireguard ceramic sealant.Commercial chimney restored - southwest Virginia.Historic chimney restoration(s) - Middleburg, VA.Stone chimney rebuild and relining - Leesburg, VA.Historic chimney restoration (6 fireplace flues) with the Guardian Chimney Liner(R) - The Plains, VA.Pouring the Guardian Chimney Liner(R) - Fairfax, VA.Aerial view of finished Guardian Chimney Liner(R) - Fairfax, VA. Installing an insulated stainless steel chimney liner directly to a woodstove insert - New Baltimore, VA.Manlift used for FireGuard ceramic repair of three flues after lightning strike - Orange, VA.Historic chimney restoration with the Guardian Chimney Liner(R) - Purcellville, VA.Replacing prefabricated fireplace and chimney, and rebuilding wood chase that surrounds fireplace and chimney.Fire damaged brick profile with metal heatilator firebox.Heatilator firebox replaced with masonry firebrick.Brick profile replaced with stone (in progress).New prefabricated fireplace installed with new green marble and mantel.2,100 degree F heating during lab test for FireGuard resurfacing.Descending view of fractured flue liner before resurfacing with FireGuard ceramic resurfacing system.Descending view of fractured flue liner after resurfacing with FireGuard ceramic resurfacing system.
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Temporary venting of furnace and hot water heater while flues are being repaired.Lightning strike damage before rebuilding (roofline up).Chimney after rebuilding.Damaged brick veneer on prefabricated chase.Repaired chase with Flexibrick creates beauitful, durable finish for prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys.New "chase" cover and rain cap - prefabricated fireplace.New stainless steel chase cover.Rusted, concave "chase" cover."Chase" cover removed revealing original framing.Cross braces added to create convex design, eliminating potential for standing water.New black galvanized "chase" cover.Deteriorated crown.Newly replaced crown prevents water intrusion.Newly replaced crown.Leaky, deteriorated counter flashing replaced with new counter flashing.Cutaway view of stepped, unprotected smoke chamber with stainless steel flue liner.Smoke chamber with Guardian S.C.R. installed. Safety harness set-up for commercial chimney repair.Tree damage to chimney before repair - Alexandria, VA.Rebuilt tree-damaged chimney - Alexandria, VA.Earthquake damage to chimney - Arlington, VAProtecting roof before removing earthquake-damaged chimney.Removing earthquake-damaged chimney with crane.Caps for chimneys are fabricated to any size and design. Caps are made of copper, stainless steel, or powder-coated steel (black).Custom "Hood" style cap (copper).
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