"Thank you for your prompt service during our emergency. Not having heat, especially with children, is to me, a crisis. Your service person was efficient and incredibly clean. We're using the chimney constantly now - it's never drafted so well."     Ken T., Spotsylvania, VA

We at Firesafe feel privileged to be the area's leading chimney service professionals. Our job, focus, and philosophy is to protect you, your family, home, and business by reducing the risk of chimney fires and hazards associated with blocked or improperly serviced chimneys.

Our services include chimney cleaning and safety inspections, waterproofing, cap installation, damper installation, chimney problem solving, chimney repair in Maryland as well as prefabricated chimney design and installation, gutter cleaning and repair, dryer vent cleaning, and Regency woodstove sales and installations (www.regency-fire.com).

Once our service crew arrives, the floor surrounding the fireplace or woodstove is carefully protected with tarps. The damper in the fireplace is closed tightly or the piping removed if a woodstove is connected to the chimney. The flue is then cleaned from the top down with the appropriate chimney cleaning brush. Various types of chimney cleaning brushes are used, as a single type of chimney cleaning brush is not suitable for all flue liner materials or designs. If the chimney is extraordinarily tall, it may be necessary to clean the flue from the bottom up. Occasionally, heavy creosote build-up requires a specialized cleaning process.

Once the flue and smoke chamber (concealed area above an open fireplace) are thoroughly cleaned by our Virginia chimney sweep crew, the chimney is inspected. Chimney inspections are visual and electronic. An electronic scanner provides a close-up examination of the interior of the chimney, allowing a comprehensive, safety examination that a visual examination cannot. With a visual examination, the chimney firebox, smoke chamber, flue, crown, flashing and exterior chimneys walls are inspected. A visual examination only provides basic information regarding the chimney; it does not afford detailed information for a comprehensive evaluation. Upon completion of the cleaning and examination, you are provided with a written form detailing the results of the inspection.

Firesafe also works closely with realty companies, providing prompt written reports for sales transactions and real estate closings.

We are very thorough, we make no assumptions and cut no corners. We choose to be an ethical chimney service company who delivers safety, quality, dependability, honesty and fairness.

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Scrubbing the flue from the top with standard fiberglass rods and wire brush.Scrubbing the flue from the top with flexible, polypropylene rods and brush.Electronically scanning the smoke chamber and flue for a comprehensive examination.Electronically scanning the smoke chamber and flue for a comprehensive examination.Inspecting chimney from the top.Inspecting a prefabricated cap for deterioration.Crown before CrownGuard application.Crown after CrownGuard application. CrownGuard protects the crown with a flexible, waterproof membrane (llifetime gurantee).Stainless steel rain cap installed to prevent animals, rain, and debris from entering into flue. Caps are also availalbe in copper and black galvanized.Custom copper rain cap - hip design.Gutter before cleaning.Gutter after cleaning.Gutter before cleaning.Gutter after cleaning.Cleaning a dryer vent through the outside exhaust opening.Dryer vent lint blowing out of dryer exhaust.
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